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People gather at Oklahoma Military Department for Veterans Day ceremony

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OKLAHOMA CITY - In honor of Veterans Day, many people gathered at the Oklahoma Military Department for the 45th Infantry Division Veterans Day ceremony.

Col. David B. Burgy said, “Whether you served one day, one year, or 30 years, many of you made the decision to volunteer your life and the lives of your family members."

Arthur Levine is a World War II Veteran, he retired as a major.

Levine said, "I could never sell it, it was worth everything."

He is now 91-years-old and is always reminded of his service because of his many war injuries.

He said he hopes people never forget Veterans Day.

Levine said, "We fought for them. We didn't have to fight here. We fought somewhere else."

Gene Johnson was part of the 45th Infantry Division from 1953 to 1963.

The day for him brings back a flood of memories.

Johnson said, "I think about all the guys that have gone before me. I think about my classmates back at old John Marshall High School who were in the military."

For Levine, the lessons learned while serving stuck.

He said he lives life the same way he did when he was in the military, what he calls a day-to-day existence.

Levine said, "I live my life that way today, if I survive today, tomorrows another day."

An outlook he said many veterans embrace.

The outdoor ceremony also included keynote speakers, color guards and the “Governor’s Own” 145th Army Band.
4th Infantry Celebration2

Today is the day we take the time to honor veterans for their service.

November 11th has a deeper meaning than just to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

Joining Linda Cavanaugh in our KFOR studios is Gary Banz with the Oklahoma Honor Flights Program.

Oklahoma Honor Flights Mission is to transports Oklahoma World War II veterans to Washington D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice.

More information on Oklahoma Honor Flights:

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