UPDATE: Crews not able to find possible gas leak at Coolidge Elementary

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For the second straight day, a local elementary school has been evacuated.

Emergency crews rushed to Coolidge Elementary School, located at S.W. 51st St. and gas leakAgnew, after receiving reports of a possible natural gas leak shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday.

School officials evacuated the school as a precaution after getting complaints about the smell of natural gas.Coolidge Elementary evacuation

While no kids reported being sick, it did create a chaotic scene after hundreds of parents came to the school to pick up their kids without knowing the reason.

Lou Weaver said, "It was a mess. It's crazy."

Parents were told they could pick up their children but no students were bussed to another site.

Weaver criticized the school for evacuating the students and forcing them to sit outside in the cold for hours.

Weaver said, "My granddaughter said she's been out here for two hours. Some kids have no jackets."

Since Lee Elementary had to be evacuated on Monday after teachers and students fell ill from carbon monoxide, parents at Coolidge were extra concerned.

Crews from Oklahoma Natural Gas and the Oklahoma City Fire Department were called in to investigate.

Workers were able to climb onto the roof to investigate several heating and air units.

However, a spokesperson for the district said crews have not been able to find the cause behind the smell.