Overcrowded bus leaves Oklahoma City kids out in cold twice as long

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There are too many kids and not enough seats for one bus stop in the Oklahoma City School District.

As many as 90 kids load the bus at N.E. 35th and Lottie Ave.

The only thing the bus driver can do is take half of the kids and leave the others behind, but with the colder weather parents are getting concerned.

Getting off the bus today the kids at N.E. 36th and Lottie seemed happy and warm, but that wasn't the case this morning.

One mother, Felicia Stark says, “We don't know what to do because this is not safe at all. It's just a big headache.”

Stark and other mothers walked their kids to a bus stop crowded with kids this morning. They say there are as many as 90 kids wanting to get on this one bus.

When the bus arrived, the driver told them there wasn't room for all of the kids, so he took the girls to school first and came back for the boys.

Stark says, “Having to wait out in the cold, getting angry, getting aggravated and picking on other kids.”

Cold and fed up, some kids take off on foot.

“They'll leave here and walk,” says Stark. “They did this yesterday and they did it today.”

Angala Malicohe says, “Not a good neighborhood so who knows what could happen.”

This has been happening for a couple of weeks now but both mothers say Tuesday's chilly morning was the last straw, something needs to change

The Director of Transportation for Oklahoma City Public Schools believes this could be happening at other bus stops in the district and encourages all parents to speak out just as Stark and Malicohe did.

Scott Lane says, "Now that we are aware of it we are going to be sure they add another bus tomorrow."

It was a quick and easy fix to make the mornings as happy as the afternoons for these kids.

“When they're told that they can't get on the bus you see them walk away with their head down,” says Malicohe. “They’re sad and they’re cold."

If this same thing is happening at your child's bus stop call Scott Lane, the Director of Transportation for Oklahoma City Public Schools at (405) 587-1151 or (405) 587- 1152.