Purple Heart given to family of fallen Oklahoma soldier found at flea market

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TULSA, Okla. – Talk about a Trash or Treasure find.

A man in Arizona purchased a Purple Heart Medal at a flea market in order to track down the family who was missing it.

The Purple Heart was awarded to the family of Clarence Marcus Merriott back in 1944.

Somehow, it was lost over the years.

That was until Matt Carlson found it in a place where it didn’t belong.

Carlson purchased the medal for $20 but was unaware of its connection to Oklahoma.

In addition to buying the medal, Carlson also was given a box of letters from Merriott.

In the end, Carlson was able to get the letters and the medal to the place they belong.

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In a ceremony, Adair County received the medal on behalf of the Merriott family.

Carlson says he is just glad to find the rightful owner for this sacred medal.