A professional… cuddler? Yes, getting paid to cuddle

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An Oregon woman’s career is raising some eyebrows; she is a professional cuddler and she already has dozens of clients.

Samantha Hess said she sets ground rules like “no sleeping” and no “inappropriate touching.”

Hess said she offers to dress up to her clients’ tastes.

It may look like she is just hanging out but Hess said there is a need out there for professional cuddlers.

“Single parents a lot of the times, people with clinical depression I get a lot,” she said. “When you’re in those in-between stages in life, it’s nice to have something to kind of pick you back up a little,” Hess said.

However Hess said, so far, it’s not very lucrative.

Hess said she is committed to her craft, even if that means waiting for a while for others to embrace it.

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