UPDATE: Obamacare’s first month: Fewer than 27,000 managed to buy health insurance according to officials

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UPDATE: 5:30 p.m. – Governor Mary Fallin also released a statement on Obamacare Enrollment.

“It is embarrassing that the Obama Administration cannot produce a functional website, especially when so many individuals are relying on that site to purchase health insurance for themselves or their families.”

“Virtually everything this White House has told the American people about Obamacare has proven to be false.”

Many of the people who are losing coverage are sick. In Oklahoma, for example, there are over 800 men and women with preexisting health conditions enrolled in the temporary high risk pool. All of them will lose their coverage by the end of the year. If the exchange is not functioning properly by December, they will find themselves uninsured  These are the people who need our assistance, and yet they are being left high and dry by the incompetence of this administration.” 

Congressmen Tom Cole just released a statement after the administration made its announcement Wednesday.

“Today’s announcement is a reminder that Obamacare connot and will not succeed,” said Cole. “The American people were promised affordable healthcare or that they could keep their current plans. So far, Americans have instead been presented with a broken product, frustrated by a website that was not at all ready for primetime and forced off plans they already liked.

“You don’t need polls to prove opposition to the president’s so-called affordable plans. Today’s minuscule enrollment numbers speak for themselves. Now more than ever, the president must acknowledge that his healthcare law cannot ever succeed unless it is modified.”


Some 106,185 people signed up for Obamacare in its first month of operation, a period marred by major technological problems with both the federal and state enrollment websites.

Fewer than 27,000 Americans selected an insurance plan through the federal healthcare.gov site, which is handling enrollment for 36 states, according to figures released Wednesday by the Obama administration.

27,000 is approximately the size of Yukon, Okla.

The site is still far from fully operational, leaving tech experts racing to get it working by month’s end, as the administration promised.

Americans have until December 15 to pay if they want coverage to begin on January 1.

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