Baby found living in home with no heat, drugs

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 5-month-old baby is found living in sub-freezing conditions surrounded by drugs and guns.

Oklahoma City police arrested the child's parents.

The pair are now accused of child endangerment and drug possession.

Police were first called to the suspect's home for a larceny.

The pair were allegedly stealing their neighbors electricity.

"He went ahead and unplugged the extension cord because it was a fire hazard and illegal and he contacted police," Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, says. "He's been to the house before and knew there was a child and was concerned for the child's welfare."
Child endangerment house.jpg

It turns out, that man had good reason to worry.

According to the police report, officers found a "glass drug pipe, several grams of meth, plastic bags throughout the house consistent with packaging narcotics and even a baggie with a crushed pill and pistol next to a baby bottle."

"There were guns in plain view and knives all over the house easily accessible to the small child," Wardlow says. "It was very hazardous and something a child should not be living in."

Because the temperature dipped overnight, police found the temperature inside the house at only 28 degrees.

The child's parents, Jessica Nguyen and Wilfredo Rivas, were booked into the Oklahoma County jail on charges of child endangerment.

Officials with the DHS removed the young baby from the house and placed him into protective custody.