Company touts new ‘collapsible shelter’

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The makers of this storm shelter say it's the way of the future.

With the space the "Hide Away" shelter saves when collapsed down to its 17 inches from the wall it may very well be the way of the future but that isn't stopping local shelter business owner from pointing out the flaws he says are in the "Hide Away".

Mark Webb has been making shelters for around ten years and had something to say about this new idea, "I saw that the hide-shelter was advertising as that they were going do some business with schools as a bullet proof shelter is irresponsible. Bullet proof all depends on the caliber of the weapon that's being at it".

The makers of "HIDE-AWAY" say they have tested it and it has remained resilient after multiple gun shots but they are going to go ahead and have it tested by an official testing organization.

The shelter has yet to be installed in any schools here in the Sooner state but Craig Jones owner of School Safety Solutions believes the idea will pick up.

"When you have a new product development that doesn't fit molds of government regulation sometimes takes a little bit for them to recognize what a good plan or a better plan is than what old technology or old style stuff used to be," Jones says.

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