Oklahomans enduring subzero temperatures in newest health craze

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We have heard of athletes taking an ice bath to relieve pain.

Now the newest health and wellness craze is taking that idea to a whole new level.

The trend is being used right here in Oklahoma and many say it sounds a bit bizarre.

It kind of looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie; liquid nitrogen billowing around a head sticking out of what looks like a tanning bed.

However, it is anything but warm in there; temperatures are plummeting well below zero.

Why are Oklahomans freezing themselves?

Advocates say it is the latest way to cleanse toxins from your system.

Would you try it?

KFOR-TV's Sarah Stewart was curious and is checking out the deep freeze for herself.

She will be back to talk about her experience at 10 p.m.

Currently the only Cryospa open in Oklahoma is in Tulsa.

But another one is scheduled to open in Norman in a few weeks.


Cryo Performance Therapy
227 34th Avenue SW
Norman, OK 73072
Phone: (405) 888.5455

The Cryo Spa
10130 S Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: (918) 394.2796

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