Grandma steals toys, kids pay the price

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Darlene young has spent 23-years of her life in jail and was looking forward to putting Christmas presents under the tree for her grand kids, presents that weren’t paid for.

She was apprehended by Walmart security as she entered the parking lot with the stolen merchandise.

Officials say up to $600 of goods were taken from the store.

On her they found a list of Christmas toys, most of the items on the list matched up with the toys in the cart.

She explained to police that the toys were for her grandchildren and she planned to put them under the tree on Christmas Eve.

She has been charged with grand larceny from a retailer and says she could be facing jail time.

Her court date is December 5th and if convicted she could be leaving her grandchildren with yet another Christmas with an absent grandmother.