Mystery lumberjack chops dozens of trees in man’s yard

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond man is searching for whoever vandalized his property, and it's not the usual vandalism.

Someone came onto Bob Clark's rental property and chopped down dozens of his trees.

"It looked like someone had just taken a chainsaw and slung it around and around," said Clark.

Clark planted most of the trees 23 years ago on his rental property.

He came by Monday to find them whacked along with a nearly 75-year-old American Elm sawed off on one side.

So who's the lumberjack?

"It's like a major mystery," said Clark.

Electric company OG&E often trims trees, but there are no power lines near the trees. Workers say they didn't cut the trees. The city says it didn't either.

"It wasn't pruning," said Clark. " It was a vicious attack to kill my trees."

Whoever the vandal is ignored the trespass sign, drove up in the yard, cut the trees and cleaned up.

Clark points out that sadly, sap is still fresh on the stumps, and police estimate at least $8,000 in damage.

"I'm really mad," said Clark. "I mean there's thousands and thousands of dollars worth of trees and the aesthetic value."

While police documented the tree cutting as vandalism, the police department says this is a civil matter.

Clark plans to meet an arborist to find out what can be saved and how much damage is done.