Neighbors told roads ‘too bad’ for mail delivery

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LUTHER, Okla. -- When neighbors headed out to their mailboxes earlier this week they expected the usual bills and letters. Instead they were greeted by bad news.  They received a letter notifying them they wouldn't receive mail until they fixed their road.

“They sent us a letter in the mail saying they were going to stop it, and they stopped it four days ago,” neighbor, Bill Hiatt, said.

It`s now been more than a week since they last got their mail, and neighbors don’t understand why.

“There`s many many roads out here, a lot of dirt roads and a lot of them are just as bad as ours, and they're still getting their mail,” Neighbor, Misty Miller, said.

The post office require roads to be maintained and passable, and, after inspection, found their dirt road too hazardous for the workers to pass it.

The post office gave the neighbors three options to either get a P.O. Box at the post office, create a mailbox for the block or fix the road. Now it`s up to the residents to fix the street or else it`s return to sender.

"We're trying to pull together and get the road fixed on their own so we can just have our mail delivered," Miller said.

With a tractor and some elbow grease, neighbors are coming together to repair the road with the hope things will get back to normal on this quiet block.

“You never know what`s going to happen out here. You never know,” Hiatt said.

According to the, it’s the responsibility of the owner to be responsible for maintaining the nearby streets.

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