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Officers announce crack down on illegal activity that is responsible for 20 deaths

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Law enforcement agencies across the metro say they are taking a major stand against an illegal activity that has resulted in the deaths of dozens of people in the last few years.

The Oklahoma County Metro Alcohol Task Force will be doing bar checks, compliance checks at liquor and convenience stores, identification checks and party patrols.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, 20 people between the ages of 16 and 20-years-old died as a result of alcohol-related crashes in 2012.

“It’s tragic when we lose so many of our youth to illegal underage drinking,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel. “This is a warning not only to those who are illegally drinking, but also to those who enable this activity we are going to be on the streets looking for violators.”

During the holidays, experts say illegal drinking usually goes up so officers will be doing everything they can to catch violators before a tragic accident happens.