Officials searching for suspects after woman says she escaped kidnappers

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NORMAN, Okla. -– Authorities are searching for suspects after a woman said she escaped her kidnappers in McClain County Friday.

According to Norman officials, the victim said a couple kidnapped her and held her against her will.

The woman says she knew her assailants and that the attempted kidnapping took place about six miles south of Dibble, Oklahoma.

Lawmen said the woman told them she ran into a field in McClain County where a deputy found her.

Early this morning a couple in McClain County heard a frantic knock at their door.

“She was kind of like, she was just freezing. She was just trembling. She was so scared,” the couple said.

The woman says her alleged kidnappers brought her to a remote area near the couple’s house.

The woman told the couple that her would-be kidnappers were trying to kill her.

The woman told them, "They gave me something to drink like tea but she said it made me woozy. They had put a plastic bag over her head and had wrapped duct tape around her neck. They had tied her hands. And like I said she was in the trunk of the car.”

"She said please God don't let them kill me," says the couple. "And he said the only thing you're going to see is God."

But somehow she escaped running miles away from her alleged kidnappers to get to the home were the couple lived couples.

“We let her in and her socks were just caked in grass burs,” the couple says. “She said she could see our light and she said I just ran towards the light.”

The victim is safe at home in Norman now but this couple believes early this morning that woman picked their house for a reason.

“Just instincts told me she needed help and so we helped her,” the couple says.

Norman officers have not released a description of the suspects.