Three teens arrested in the assault and theft of a 91-year-old vet

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FRESNO, Cal. -- The incident is still fresh in Josef Martin's memory.

"They shoved a gun in my rib. He goes to my mouth and wanted me to open my mouth, and then hit me in the side with the back of the pistol, and then shoved it again, and hit me in the back of the head again," Martin recalls.

Martin says they took $200, which was going to get him to his next social security check.

They took jewelry, rings, and other mementos from his 91 years.

"But i'm glad they got caught, and I hope they put them away for a long time," Martin says.

Sheriff Margaret Sims says the suspects, two 15-year-olds, and a 12-year-old, are gang members.

She says there were at least four robberies committed in one night by this group in October in the Olive and Willow area.

In one incident, they're accused of stealing a rifle and jewelry, and trading those for marijuana.

"They were cowards because when they were confronted with someone they thought would put up significant resistance they left but when they found somebody they saw as vulnerable they attacked," said Sheriff Mims.

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