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Defense blames teen for his own death, not police captain

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Testimony begins in the trial of a Del City police captain accused of shooting an unarmed teen in the back.

It involves a Del City police captain accused of shooting an unarmed teenager in the back.

Two witnesses claim Captain Randy Harrison had an unusual fixation on the 18-year-old victim.

Harrison is facing manslaughter charges after shooting and killing Dane Scott Jr. in March of 2012.

The two had engaged in a brief car chase and struggle before Harrison shot Scott in the back.

Prosecutors said Harrison crossed the line and let a personal grudge interfere with his professional training.

The first testimony came not just from a friend of the victim, but also from a long time member a Del City police department.

Long before the shooting, one of Scott's closest friends says Harrison had it out for the teens.

"He'd been harassing us this whole time," said John Lockett.

Because of a gag order by Judge Donald Deason, Lockett wouldn't talk about his testimony, but Lockett was inside Scott's car during the fatal chase and talked to KFOR the day after the shooting about Harrison's alleged targeting of the victim.

"He knew exactly who Dane was. This is not the first time he dealt with Dane," said Lockett.

Prosecutors even showed the jury an email, sent by Harrison and naming Scott specifically, as someone the entire department should focus on arresting.

Del City police Lt. Bradley Rule then testified that Harrison had an "unusual" fixation on Scott.

At the end of his testimony, Rule admitted he never saw Harrison act unprofessionally and actually thought his attention on Scott had simply been good police work, though he did not condone the shooting.

The trial is set to continue the rest of the week.