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Purcell family injured during house fire

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The entire family is being treated at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. A relative of the family gave News Channel 4 the following medical updates:

Medical Condition
Jennifer (mother), third degree burns on her arms and hands
Eddie (father) , minor injuries, severe smoke inhalation
Danielle (daughter) 14, has first and second degree burns on her face and hands, severe smoke inhalation
Stacy (daughter) 12, third and fourth degree burns on her head, legs and neck, about 60 percent of her body is burned
Mary, (daughter) 11, has a few minor burns, severe smoke inhibition

Purcell Schools
Jamie Ken Salon, Noble Oklahoma
Nobel Ambulance service can accept everything but furniture
Slaughterville Baptist Church
Republic Bank, Epperson Family Fund

PURCELL, Okla. -- A family of five barely escapes overnight fire. Jennifer and Eddie Epperson and their three daughters Mary, Stacey and Danielle were inside sleeping.

"When I came back the house was it was engulfed in flames and there were fire trucks everywhere," said neighbor Angelique Polk.

The was blaze so close, at first she thought her home was on fire. "My kids were in the house sleeping, there was just smoke everywhere and when I got to my house I couldn't see inside because my door was open and smoke had already gone inside.

'We've been advised by bystanders and family members that the dad went out the back door with one of the kids and the mother climbed out the bedroom window with the other two girls," said Gary Bonner Purcell Fire Chief.

All five either suffered from burns or smoke inhalation. "They were all burned but Stacy was burned the worst. Danielle and Lulu were having trouble breathing from the smoke inhalation," said Polk.

Their five dogs did not survive. "Its one of those things that takes your breath away," said Purcell Middle School principal Tina Swayaze. She said a family member notified the district.

"They came this morning to give us an update on how the family was doing and we asked what could we do. They shared with us that they lost everything from furniture to clothes to a car and all their personal belongings."

The school will first start collecting money, and then other items in the coming days.

But in the meantime fire officials stress the importance of having smoke detectors in all homes."With winter coming on, it's a huge safety issue and just and just like today its a kid that is suffering because of not having one," said Bonner.

There are reports of the fire starting in the living room, possibly from a heating unit. But fire officials have not released a cause just yet.