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Great State: Guns n Grub

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AGRA, OKLAHOMA -- Noon rush at the Main Street Cafe gets pretty hot in Missy Husted's kitchen.

She bought this place a couple of years ago and keeps it busy serving burgers, sandwiches, and other hearty fare.

She describes the toppings on one of her specialty burgers, the HUH as, "Grilled onions, jalepenos, pepper jack cheese, and chili."

Most people come in for the food, but a few come in to buy firearms.

A visitor asked Missy what she learned to do first, cook or shoot.

"Shoot," she answered with a smile.

So it seemed only natural for Husted to reserve a little space in front of the cash register for ammunition, and wall space near the front door of the restaurant for the guns to fire it.

Missy explains, "I had a little cubby hole, and, you never know in a cafe, it it's going to be busy or not. Today we were really busy. Tomorrow, we might not be so it's just something to supplement."

She's a licensed conceal-carry instructor.

Husted is a cook and carry chef, busy in the kitchen and delivering food to hungry customers.

Every once in a while some one who just ate might still have room to pack a little heat.

Missy answers questions, shows off a few new models.

Her family has been in the gun business for years.

To her it's all part of a day's work.

"Nope," she says. "Not a big deal."

Powder and pepper only mix in one spot on the Guns-n-Grub menu.

Missy offers a 'black gun special' which includes a big burger and a new rifle for $799.00.

Fries and bullets are extra.

Missy holds up an AR-15 and says, "When someone mentions a black rifle this is what they mean."

Maybe it's her remote location, but Missy hasn't come under any heavy fire for combining hamburgers and handguns, or salads and sidearms.

She sticks with what she knows in small town Oklahoma.

Shoot straight, sling hash, and it's hard to go wrong.

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