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Together 4Ever: News Channel 4 anchors and their ‘better halves’ on love and marriage

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Who doesn't enjoy a good love story?

Well, here at News Channel 4 we're very lucky to have a number of long-term married couples in our midst.

Thursday we're sitting down with News Channel 4 anchors and their "better-halves" who have outlasted the disturbing divorce rate in Oklahoma.

Lance Teri wedding

You will find out about the motto Lance West and his wife, Teri, build their marriage around.

It's a saying they keep posted in their house as a reminder to both of them.

Meg Frank wedding

Meg Alexander and her husband Frank have something in common you might not expect and wait until you hear how Frank proposed.

Linda Will wedding

See how laughing together and working as a team has kept  Linda Cavanaugh and her husband together for almost 40 years and the one time Linda almost went too far finding her hubby a shocking part-time job.

Mike Marla wedding

You will learn what first attracted Marla to her hubby Mike Morgan and how it involves a famous celebrity look-alike.  Can you guess which one?

Kevin Ginger wedding

Also, Kevin Ogle and his wife, Ginger, just celebrated their 29th anniversary.

Kevin is sharing the secret to their union that has lasted more than two decades.

We are compiling the secrets to staying together 4Ever and will bring it to you at 10 p.m.