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Together 4ever: The unique way Frank proposed to Meg Alexander and what has kept them together

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We're taking a look inside some NewsChannel 4 marriages that are standing the test of time.

One such marriage is Meg Alexander's, which is a fire and ice combination that makes for a perfect recipe.

You may be used to seeing Meg Alexander on the set but her most important job is at home as a wife and mother.

Meg and her husband, Frank, are going on year 15 in their marriage.

They have three children whom they adore and keep them very busy.

In fact, busyness has been a part of their relationship from the very first date.

Meg said, "We could not find a day that we were both available."

That first date finally happened and they found out they had a lot in common.

Both were athletes in high school, Frank even played football in college at Princeton.

There was one time he was getting ready for a softball game that was extra special.

Frank said, "We were playing catch, just to warm me up and I was very impressed that she threw like a, she didn't throw like a girl. Then she started playing a little burnout with me and so, she earned some points that day."

Meg said, "I think it was that and my lasagna."

She found someone in Frank whom she couldn't push around.

Meg said, "I had ended a lot of long-term relationships because I felt like I had, you know, too much say. And so, I finally had someone who was going to argue with me and has continued to argue with me for years and years."

When it came time to pop the question, Frank came up with a unique way to propose.

Frank said, "Do you remember how I proposed to you?"

"I do. It was a good one, especially because it was at a restaurant," she said, holding up a wine bottle with the couple's picture on it. "He asked me to look at it to see if it was okay, and I'm like, 'We don't need any wine, it'll just make us fall asleep,' trying to give it back to him. And Frank is saying, 'Turn it around, turn it around.' I'm like, 'What? What? Aww, blah."

Frank and Meg's commitment to each other started with Meg's dad.

Frank said, "When I talked to Meg's father and I asked for her hand in marriage, what he spoke to me about was the fact that it was important to him that he and his wife were still married, that my parents were still married. The longevity of being married and how you must take it seriously and don't enter into something unless you're sure. You know, I took that to heart."

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