Ways to limit your sweet intake through the holidays

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Halloween and Thanksgiving may be over, but the sweets season is just getting started.

Pumpkin pie, visions of sugar plums, they’re all there waiting to tempt diets.

Why do many of us suffer from a sweet tooth? And what can we do to cut down on goodies during the holidays?

According to Susan Hendricks from CNN’s Health Minute, “Our attraction to sweets dates back millions of years ago, because sweets were important, breast milk is sweet, fruits are sweet, and that ensured our survival.”

But eating too many sweets can pack on the pounds, causing obesity which leads to problems like diabetes and heart disease.

And what’s worse, sweets are hard to say “no” to because they have addictive qualities.

To most people, sweets are just high calorie comfort food.

So what’s the best way to limit your sweet intake?

Dietitians say try these:

Get 30 minutes of sunlight a day. Sunlight produces serotonin, known as the feel-good chemical in the brain that prevents cravings for sweets, like ice-cream.

Put pleasure into your life, such as exercising and being with friends.

Keep your daily sweets to no more than 10% of your daily calories or splurge once a week.

Don’t stock up on sweets. What’s not there, won’t tempt you.

And think of creative ways to use fruits, which are a natural sugar into your diet, that will satisfy your craving.

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