Little league baseball team collects gift cards for Moore teachers

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MOORE, Okla. - A little league PCO baseball team has been playing Santa Claus over the past few months for a few teachers in Moore.

The group of kids from Deer Creek, Edmond and Piedmont has been collecting thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards for Moore teachers, as a thank you for their courage during the May 20 storm.

Jacob Ervin, a player for the Redhawks, said, "On May 20, we learned there's a lot more to life than baseball."

Noah Smith, a player for the Redhawks, said, "Many of us were lucky enough to come home on May 20, in case we needed to take shelter."

The team collected nearly 80 gift cards, from grocery stores, cosmetic retailers and other businesses, totaling around $4,000.

One player even had help from his big sister.

Aubrey Ervin said, "It's special because they did a lot for those children to keep them safe and they can use [the gift cards] to buy stuff for their homes and for their classrooms."

The team handed the gift bags out with big smiles on their faces, a surprise that even caught some teachers off guard.

Justin Ayres said, "It was awesome. My students were cheering when we were going up there. I had no idea what we we're doing."

Ayres is a fifth grade math and social studies teacher at Plaza Towers.

His class is temporarily being held at Central Junior High School.

Ayres says he was touched by the act of kindness from total strangers.

He said, "Thank you for your generosity, thank for thinking of others. Not only did you learn something, but our students learned something for watching what you did for us."

There are 79 teachers between Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary; each teacher got a $50 gift card.

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