School teacher sinks $20,000 “Thunder money ball”

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PIEDMONT, Okla. - Brad Brucker is sort of the "Ron Burgundy" of Piedmont High School.

Brucker joked, "I'm kind of a big deal."

He's a business teacher turned basketball hero.

At Thursday night's Thunder game, Brad and his wife, Britney, were plucked from a crowd of 18,000 for a chance at winning $20,000.

Brad told us, "I couldn't feel my arms. I didn't know if it would go over or half way between me and the goal."

At 5'8", he's admittedly not much of a basketball player.

His biggest fear was humiliation.

He said, "I'm gonna get booed off the court and air ball. It's gonna be terrible."

To everyone's amazement, that shot went off the glass and in the net.

Brucker said, "I wasn't expecting to drain it. It was a miracle shot."

A Thunder money ball, capped with a congratulations from music moguls Beyonce and Jay Z.

Brucker told us, "He smelled really nice at least. That was fun!"

Brad is now using his improbable night as a valuable teaching tool.

This business teacher told his kids, "Use what you're given responsibly and you can change your family tree."

Mr. Brucker estimates his family will net about $10,200 after taxes and tithing.

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