Mother of three chases suspect, makes citizen’s arrest after hit-and-run

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OKLAHOMA CITY - As the snow fell Sunday, a mother of three was making a citizen's arrest of an alleged hit-and-run driver.

The mother took the law into her own hands after she said the suspect crashed into her vehicle, with her family of five inside.

The victim would prefer we leave her name out of this report because she fears retaliation from the suspect.

She said, "I wasn't looking for trouble but I was looking to give someone a little lesson about manners."

The family was on their way home from church in the snow on Sunday, three kids in tow, when they were hit by a driver sliding on the ice.

They were northbound on MacArthur, just north of Britton, when the uninsured, unlicensed, southbound driver totaled their vehicle.

Her husband was driving but she's the one who got out of the car after the wreck, just in time to see the suspect speeding away from the scene.

She said, "I look back at my husband and I'm already halfway down the street. He's in the truck with the kids, so I just yelled at him to stay with the kids. And he's yelling back at me, 'Stop!' But I realize I'm too far into this adventure to get the license plate. So, I haul off running in my Ugg Boots after the guy."

According to the family, the driver fled into the Ski Island neighborhood, with the mama bear from Minco on his tail.

carShe ran almost a mile in order to snap this picture of the suspect's car and license plate.

She said, "As I'm running down the street, I'm thinking there's no way I'm going to make this. A) I'm way out of shape. B) It's humanly impossible."

A friendly eyewitness joined in mid-chase and helped detain the suspect, who had already started to change his story at that point.

She said, "When he got out of his car, he started to act like maybe this wasn't his fault. That's when mama bear got loose! He said, 'What were you guys doing? Turning left?' I said. 'No, son. No son. We were driving straight, okay? We were driving straight."

Oklahoma City officers arrested Deontre Williams, who was celebrating his 19th birthday. WILLIAMS, DEONTRE

She said, "So there was an exchange of words there as he was carrying on about how it was his birthday. I said, 'I don't care if it's your birthday or not. I have three children under the age of six in the car and you drove off!'"

Williams celebrated his big day in the Oklahoma County Jail.

She said, "As they start to put cuffs on him, it was like it's an episode of cops. I mean, seriously. You could almost hear 'Bad boys, bad boys.' They put the cuffs on and this guy started losing it. He was yelling. He was flopping around saying something about his birthday. I dunno. Maybe he was trying to get us to wish him a happy birthday?"

According to police on the scene, the suspect recently purchased the vehicle but failed to transfer the title into his name.

So, in addition to facing criminal charges, he's likely going to lose the car since he cannot prove ownership.

The mom also snapped a few more pictures for posterity as police were making what sounded like a rowdy arrest.

tow selfie2 selfies

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