100 Langston students locked out of dorms for failing to pay, complete financial aid

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GUTHRIE, Okla. – Nearly 100 Langston students were locked out of their dorm rooms after failing to comply with financial aid procedures.

Officials at Langston say notices were sent out to 300 students for failing to cooperate by not completing the necessary requirements for their financial aid.

Kent Smith, the president of Langston, said the students owe the university over $4 million for this semester.

In the notice, it said that most of the money comes from students not finishing the paperwork needed to complete financial aid.

Some of the requirements are as simple as accepting or declining loans.

Officials say they have been contacting students over the past two months, but many continued to not comply and were told that they would be locked out of their residence halls until the process was completed.

In order to get back into their residence halls, students had to meet with the Office of Financial Aid and complete the financial aid process.

Smith says that more than 200 students complied Monday and were never locked out of their rooms.

However, 100 students did not complete the process before the deadline and were locked out of their dorms at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

University authorities say that while those students were locked out of their rooms, they  have been working to complete their financial aid and everyone should be back in their rooms soon.

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