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Black Friday: Is it really worth it?

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Less than 48 hours until the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, many people are already searching for the best Black Friday deals.

As early as Tuesday, shoppers were already camped outside of Best Buy’s location at Penn and Memorial.

The early birds are making sure they get a hold of what's on their list, but is the Black Friday frenzy worth it?

This year, a 55” flat screen will go as low as $720 and an Xbox 360 is only $99.

After standing in line for hours in the cold, what are your chances of actually getting a hold of these big ticket items?

Amy Prestidge says, "Is it a guarantee? I don’t know. That would be the worst part I think is waiting in line, getting in there and not getting it."

Jeremy Allison, with Target, says you may have your heart set on this cheaper than ever flat screen but there may only be a few in stock.

To guarantee you'll get what you came for, you'll need a ticket.

"The tickets will be handed out 30 minutes prior to store opening,” says Allison. “Everyone who has a ticket, they'll have two hours to pick up their item."

Their competitor, Walmart, has a “one hour in stock guarantee,” which is  a similar concept.

Melissa Garcia's popular blog, "Consumer Queen," has all the steals and deals but she says sometimes there's a catch.

Garcia said, "There are a lot of places online and in their ads that are saying, 'Get this item for this price.' Then in little bitty tiny letters it says after rebate."

So, you aren't even getting the Black Friday deal on Black Friday.

Although you won't find Amy Prestidge waiting in line on Thanksgiving, she still is not doubting the value of it for some customers.

"I think it's a challenge,” says Prestidge. “I think people have fun with it. It's a tradition for some people to do it. They look forward to Black Friday."

Consumer Queen's Melissa Garcia also says the confusion that comes with Black Friday deals sometimes is why she sticks to online shopping in her pajamas.

For more information on local holiday shopping deals, visit Garcia’s blog.

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