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Hobby Lobby battle over Plan B headed to Supreme Court

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OKLAHOMA CITY - After opposite rulings in different circuits, the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear Hobby Lobby's case against the government.

The healthcare law requires employers to provide all types of contraceptives, including Plan-B, as options in its insurance coverage or be fined $1.3 million a day.

With the highest court in the land taking on the case, it could set a precedence, birth control battleunraveling Obamacare.

Or the matter could be set once and for all.

Many weighed in on both sides from President Obama, who says a woman's health should remain between her and her doctor.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt say this is a victory for Hobby Lobby.

Customers also had an opinion.

Linda Scott said, "My prayer is that the Supreme Court realizes this is America, a free country. We were born based on Christian principles."

Joan Synder believes the case should already be a done deal.

Snyder said, "A woman's body is her own and that's it."

Roger Creecy, a local legal analyst,  says based on a previous case, he believes he knows how the court will rule.

He predicts a 5-4 vote in favor of Hobby Lobby with Chief Justice Roberts supporting the religious side.

This theory is based on the Montana case with Citizens United, who ruled a corporation is a person and can have a political or religious opinion.

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