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Saving A Buck: Cashing in while getting a new car

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Most financial experts will tell you buying a car is better than leasing.

However, for some drivers leasing really is a better option.

Stacy Conaster has been leasing a Honda Pilot for a little more than a year.

She chose leasing because it would save her money.

Conaster said, "For me, the leasing option was better with the percent and how much I would pay out of pocket and there was no down payment at the time."

While most financial experts say buying a car and keeping it for years is the best use of your money, Tracy Ann Miller, with Red River Advisors, says there are those who would be better served by leasing.

To decide if leasing is better for you, ask yourself a few questions.

First, are you strapped for cash?

Miller said, "Lease payments are typically lower. Leasing typically takes less money up front."

Next, do you like driving a new car?

It's a good option for those who only keep cars for about three years.

The third question, do you rack up lot of miles?

Leasing is best for those who drive about 15,000 miles a year.

If you drive more or less than that, then Miller says you should buy.

And lastly, do you take good care of your car?

If the answer is no, then you are better off buying.

Damage to leased vehicles is typically something a dealership takes into consideration when you turn the car back in at the end of your lease.

For Stacy, leasing just makes sense.

She said, "It's always going to be under manufacturers warranty, so anytime there's a problem I can take it over to Eskridge Honda."

Miller says leasing could actually help some consumers save in the long run.

She said, "If you're leasing a car because you like to have a new car all the time, you like to have the factory warranty all the time, you like the safety features and you take the extra money and invest it, you really come out ahead."

Leasing is also something business owners should consider.

There could be tax benefits to leasing a vehicle for your company.

Miller says it is something you would want to check with your financial advisor about before moving forward.

Red River Advisors has a form on their website to help you figure out whether leasing or buying is the best option for you.

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