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Taking advantage of Black Friday to lower those Christmas credit card bills

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Black Friday is just around the corner.

The thrill of a good deal is what draws some holiday shoppers to wait in line overnight, in freezing temperatures.

Some dedicated shoppers even camp out for days.

When the doors open, the race is on to get those items on each list and this year will be no different.

Brian Friden, with Best Buy, said, "Generally, we get our first person camping out on Tuesday, about Tuesday morning or Tuesday afternoon."

Best Buy is always one of the hot spots.

Tablets, laptops, blade less fans and vacuum cleaners are all being marked down.

Friden said, "The high demand items, high ticket items are first come, first serve."

Bargains on big name televisions also draw a lot of customers.

This year, Best Buy will have a 39-inch television priced at $169.99.

Even better, a 55-inch television will hit the shelves for an unheard of price, just under $500.

Friden said, "TV's that size, on the 55-inch, go for easily $1,000."

As for surviving the shopping crowds, he says it comes down to planning ahead and making a list of the stores and products you want.

Friden said, "Figure out, basically, a map of which ones you want to hit first and which products are the best deals."

Bringing a friend with you will also help.

Not only can you divide and, hopefully, conquer that list, you'll have more fun and won't have to worry about losing out on a deal or your place in line when nature calls.

While it is very busy and somewhat crazy, most people have fun taking advantage of Black Friday deals, even those forced to accommodate the big crowds.

Friden said, "It's one of the best days to work. It is a longer shift for our employees but the day goes by quick."

If Black Friday is a day you stay away from the crowds and the deals, it's okay.

Experts say there are a lot of other great deals the week before and the week after Black Friday.

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