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Kid Tested: Which toys came out on top for 2013

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Navigating the toy aisle at Christmas time can be terrifying.

It's an endless maze of toys to entertain and educate.

Before you frantically pace the toy department for that "must have," you need to know what's hip and what's not.

Kayla Eleby, a preschool teacher, said, "We've been running this type of test. This is the third day and you can see, they are still into it."

Our friends at The Goddard School in Edmond are transforming their classrooms into fun factories.

We've gathered several rooms full of children and a potpourri of playthings, all meant to charm, engage and enlighten.

Stephanie Wilson, the owner of the school, said, "We want something that will stimulate them and make them think outside the box to the next level, where they might become the next Einstein."

These little rugrats aren't always easy to read.

However, our "non-scientific" toy test revealed a mix of high-tech toys and old classics.

Click here for a list of potentially dangerous toys for 2013.

Wilson said, "It's fun to have our kids participate and be the scientists who help children and parents figure out what might be available for Christmas holidays."

Based on child, parent and "expert" input, the following toys promise to be popular:

  • LeapPad Ultra
  • Furby Boom
  • Monster High Doll
  • Squigs
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Skylanders
  • Big Hugs Elmo
  • Spirograph
  • Nerf Guns


However, experts say you shouldn't wait too long.

Tiffany Aguilar, a manager at Target, said, "Absolutely not. You need to shop the week of Black Friday, getting that item as soon as possible because other parents are looking for the same things."

Of course, the perfect present is the one that ignites imagination and discovery in your child.

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