Are retailers killing traditional Thanksgiving?

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This year, more than any other in history, retailers across the nation are opening early to get a jump on Black Friday.

That trend has some wondering if traditional Thanksgiving is just a thing of the past.

Black Friday slowing becoming Black Thursday has drawn headlines and outrage nationwide.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed online petitions to "Save Thanksgiving" from corporate greed.

Of course, that means saving die hard shoppers from themselves.

Huddled under a red white and blue blanket, Chanel Seraphin is one of four people lined up outside this Best Buy.

"It's just us crazy people that want to come out and sit for deals," said Chanel.

Luckily for Chanel, Best Buy is one of many retailers opening earlier than ever this year.

"Honestly I think it takes away from what Thanksgiving is about, but it is a benefit because there's less people out here.  You don't have to wait until midnight anymore," said Chanel.

Black Friday's intrusion into Thanksgiving has led to backlash online.

For example, on Sears Facebook page, numerous people shame the company for making employees work the holiday.

The same is true for Toys-R-Us.

In addition to shaming the company, many just want workers to get a break to spend with family.

Retail giant WalMart is never short of critics...

The message from people on their Facebook page, "Thanksgiving should be about families not profits."

Of course somehow grocery stores, gas stations, even McDonalds don't catch nearly as much criticism for being open on Thanksgiving.

Still, it's not all bad news

"This is a great day.  A day for giving.  That's what we're here for," said Hamid Mehrabian.

Every meal and every bite is free for every customer who comes into Madison's restaurant in Del City.

"Last year we served 700 people, this year we're looking to serve more than that," said Hamid.