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Families in need thankful for Thanksgiving feast at City Rescue Mission

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Families in need met together at the City Rescue Mission to celebrate Thanksgiving with hundreds of volunteers for a free-of-charge feast.

"I'm thankful for this cookie, this chocolate cake, turkey," Jason Mitchell said.

Jason is one of seven kids, their mother is Mary Mitchell.

Mary is a single mom, her family lives at the City Rescue Mission and is part of what's called "The Bridge to Life" program.

"If it wasn't for this program, I don't think my family would be together still," Mitchell said.

Throughout the program, the family goes to church, takes life classes and Mary works regularly at the Rescue Mission's daycare.

"We get fed three times a day," she said. "They help with diapers, they help with baby food, every necessity that you need, they provide for you."

Mary said the program has changed her family's way of life and the City Rescue Mission has become their home.

"They like it so much," Mitchell said. "Now we're fixing to get a house and they don't want to leave because of everyone here, the staff, everybody here has gotten so close to my family."

For Jason, he said he's thankful for every one of his brothers and sisters and of course, his mom.

"We do fun stuff, like spend time together," Jason said.