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Moore residents reach out to Illinois tornado victims

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Moore, Okla. -- Human kind is always at its best when mother nature is at her worst. Moore resident, Brandye Taylor said, "We know exactly what they're going through."

Still healing from their own devastation, Moore residents feel compelled to lend a helping hand to other communities, reeling from Mother Nature's fury. According to Taylor, "We want to do something. We haven't been thinking of our heartache. We want to help them. Obviously the whole city of Moore feels the same way which is where this came from."

"Hope Raisers" is a campaign to collect and deliver supplies to hundreds of llinois tornado victims. Moore resident, Shannon Lack said, "We just reached out and saw their needs for supplies and friendships."

For the last week, they've been gathering gift cards and goods for people they don't even know. It's Moore's way of "paying it 4ward" for the generosity they received following the May 20th monster that destroyed so much.

Thanskgiving weekend, they will be delivering the "Hope boxes" to a community connected through tragedy. Lack said, "That's why they are called Hope Boxes. A little box of hope. Something so little can mean so much to a family who has lost everything."