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Volunteers giving back on Thanksgiving at City Rescue Mission

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Nearly 300 volunteers have come together at the City Rescue Mission to serve around 700 people in need this Thanksgiving.

"It's really a rewarding experience," Jane Goolsby said.

Jane Goolsby had her three grandchildren with her, celebrating their Thanksgiving by giving back to the community.

"I believe they'll carry that throughout their lives, you know, if they learn to take care of others and not always be something about their self," Goolsby said.

Life lessons her granddaughter Maggie said she's already learning about.

"I think it's a great experience for when you grow up and to think about the people who don't have anything," Maggie said.

Maggie's sister Mackenzie said volunteering has taught her to not be selfish.

"When you're at home you don't really think about other people and when you're here, you're not thinking about yourself at all," Mackenzie said.

For Jane, she said she hopes the families in need at the City Rescue Mission take away something very special this Thanksgiving.

"I hope they feel like they've been included because so many of them feel, so many of them feel all by their self, lonely," Goolsby said.

Goolsby said she hopes to win them over with her famous baked goods.

"Snicker doodles and chocolate chips, all kids love those," Goolsby said.

The City Rescue Mission’s feast fed around 700 people on Thanksgiving.

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