In Your Corner: Scam artist targets business owner

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EDMOND, OKLA. - Brian Thompson was targeted by a scam artist likely calling from overseas.

“His name was Eddie McNolte and he's with OG&E collections,” Brian said.

The scam artist told Brian he was past due on his account and demanded Brian pay a large sum of cash to keep his lights on.  

“That we had 45 minutes to pay him or our electricity was going to be shut off,” the repair shop owner said.

Except Brian's repair shop doesn't run off power from OG&E.

Here’s the In Your Corner bottom line.

The scammer wants to steal your cash.

We've warned you about similar scams before.

Most of the time the scammer will demand you wire the money or put cash on a pre-paid money card.

Remember, all someone needs to drain the card's balance is the account number on the back of the money card.

Brian didn't take the bait.

He wants small business owners and all utility customers to stay vigilante.

  • Legit companies will never demand payment through a pre-paid card or wire transfer.
  • If you receive a suspicious call, hang up and call your utility company directly.