Speed limit lowered to 40 mph at ‘dangerous’ Edmond intersection on Santa Fe

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EDMOND, Okla. - A busy road in Edmond has raised some serious safety concerns.

Monday officials lowered the speed limit on Santa Fe, between 15th St. and Danforth Rd.

Police said they are hoping lowering the limit from 45 to 40 will reduce the number of car crashes and accident-related deaths in the area.

Amy Heise lost her husband in an accident at the intersection of Santa Fe and Country Wood Lane back in October.

"Erron was stopped here waiting to turn left into the addition and a truck did not see him and hit him from behind," Heise said.

Police are also doing their part, stepping up patrols in the area.

Edmond couple speed limit

"The increased police presence is going to make a huge difference," Heise said. "When people see that they have to pay attention, not only to the speed, but keep their eyes on the road too."

The new traffic signs have an orange flag highlighting the reduced speed limit.

Kathryn Olds is the executive officer for the HOA at Trails South, a community off of Santa Fe.

"Small steps are better than totally falling," Olds said. Olds Edmond speed limit

While it's a start, she said lowering the speed limit is not enough, calling the busy road the "Santa Fe speedway."

"We've had 56 accidents here at this intersection since 2002," she said. "Fifty-six accidents and a fatality is entirely too much."

Olds said the solution is a traffic light, something she continues to request.

"I may be old and there's snow on the roof but there's plenty of fight in the old girl," Olds said.

In addition to lowering the speed limit, the Edmond city council approved money for a speed trailer, which will be placed in the area by early 2014.

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