Rain chances possible this week

Cities around the metro work together to prepare for winter weather

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Many cities across the state have been preparing all week, getting ready for the winter weather which will be coming through our state.

As the snow and sleet cover the roads, crews will be out clearing the way.

While we often look at Oklahoma City, there is a working relationship between the towns in Oklahoma County, Logan County and as far south as McClain County to keep drivers safe.

It takes a lot of manpower for a town to make it through a winter storm.

Vaughn Sullivan, Midwest City Community Services director, said, "Crews have spent the morning installing the sand plows and the spreaders in the trucks, checking the equipment out to make sure it's ready to go."

Both Midwest City and Edmond have been busy.

Keith Stewart, with the City of Edmond, said, "We will obviously deal with the primary routes first and then move to the secondary."

Each town has more than a half-dozen trucks ready to go, along with a large amount of sand and salt.

In Midwest City, crews spent the day mixing up the material to spread on the road.

They combine two scoops of sand and a scoop of salt before storing the mixture in a city barn.

That way, it is all ready to go at a moment's notice.

Both towns work with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, plowing regional snow routes first and then main city roads.

Crews work around the clock in 12 hour shifts until the job is done; however, they do not go in residential areas.

Stewart said, "There's lots of reasons we don't do that. One is getting our trucks on those roads would be problematic."

While crews across the state are watching the forecast closely, Midwest City officials say snow or ice that hits overnight actually makes their job easier.

Sullivan said, "The less traffic on the roadways, the easier it is for us to do our job. So, we like it to come in during the night."

They say when the snow hits during the afternoon rush hour, it really complicates things.

A lot of traffic makes it difficult to get this material on the road.

Oklahoma Metro Snow Routes

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