Pay It 4Ward: Midwest City minister saves piece of the past

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla -- Jimmie Tribble is a collector of memorabilia and a youth minister at First Baptist Church in Midwest City.

Years ago, he started the "Bombers Brotherhood,"where he shares stories of the glory days.

Tribble also teaches the high school athletes about life, unity and integrity.

At a recent Midwest City football game, Jimmie discovered old Bomber jerseys were being sold for $5 each.

The realization broke his heart.

Tribble said, "I snatched them all up and told them I'd get the money to them somehow."

Since then, Jimmie Tribble has been chasing down those players all over the country and reuniting young men with an important piece of their lives.

He said, "They were selling the jerseys at the concession stand and I took them all and gave them back to 30 young men. I sent them in the mail and everything. It was neat."

Friend and former neighbor, Travis Carpenter, nominated Jimmie for Spirit Bank's Pay It 4Ward award.

Carpenter said, "I don't think he has any idea how many lives he's touched. It's just great."

We surprised Tribble with $400 from Spirit Bank and NewsChannel 4.

Tribble said, "One of the best months of my life, getting those things back, getting reacquainted with them, seeing them all."