UPDATE: In Your Corner Team, CCC smash Joy 4 Kids record

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UPDATE: Our In Your Corner team set out to help foster families that can't afford much this Christmas. We smashed last year's Joy 4 Kids record fulfilling wish lists for 1500 foster children.

This year we are dreaming big and working to bring 1,500 foster children some holiday cheer.

Want to help?

You can adopt a wish list by contacting Citizens Caring for Children here.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team kicked off their third annual Joy 4 Kids campaign.

Once again, we're teaming up with Citizens Caring for Children, Fit-4-U Personal Training, Shop Good, Go To Girl Inc., Blo., and Yoga at Tiffany's to collect money and buy toys for foster kids.

It's to ensure they have presents under the tree this Christmas.

Joy 4 Kids Flier_2013

You can adopt a wish list by contacting Citizens Caring for Children directly.

News Channel 4's Scott Hines is again helping spearhead the campaign to help foster families like the Bradleys.

Mom, Marolyn, has been leaving her thumb-print on the hearts of foster children for nearly three decades now.

Husband, Carl, charmed his way into the picture 18 years ago.

“She had 10 children when I met her,” he said. “I never had any kids, so it was just blessings.”

Right now they have four foster blessings living under their roof.

All are between the ages of one and six.

Their three-year-old has cerebral palsy and can't walk.

“Yet,” Marolyn said. “He's going to walk.”

These children entered foster care as a result of neglect and were removed from their home with just the shirt on their back.

Organizations like CCC, Citizens Caring for Children, provide them with resources like counseling, school supplies, books, shoes, clothes and toys.

Holly Livengood is the Marketing Coordinator for CCC.

She said, “These kids are reminded that they aren't with their families and we can't give them their ultimate wish of going back home to their mom and dad, but we can give them hope and let them know they are being thought about by someone out there,”

We're working on getting the Bradleys a new swing set.

The one they have right now is dangerous, especially for the three-year-old.  


“It only has one swing on it with a broken slide and it's in the back where the stickers are.”

There's still time to give all Oklahoma foster children a Christmas to remember.    

This year we're dreaming big!

We will fill the wish lists of 1500 foster kids.