Winter Storm: What you may need to stay prepared for severe weather

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EDMOND, Okla. - Snowy, icy conditions can change from bad to worse with the drop of a single degree.

As a lifelong Oklahoma native, Larry Warren knows that a change in the weather can be disastrous on the roads.

Warren said, "I've had some wrecks in the snow and ice."

That's why he heads to the hardware store to pick up supplies, even if the severe weather is not expected to hit his town.

Warren said, "Obviously, we live in an area that is very unpredictable."

Then there's Judy Moon.

The severe weather alert doesn't excite the Wyoming native too much, but there is one thing she doesn't enjoy about this time of year.

Moon said,  "I don't like the ice much."

That's what Westlake Ace Hardware's manager, Steve Sholtz, says can land people in life-threatening situations.

"Especially with ice, you have the potential for power outages," said Sholtz. "A lot of people don't really learn to think ahead to, 'Okay, so if I didn't have power, okay, I don't have heat, I don't have light.' And so, things like batteries for flashlights, extra flashlights, extra blankets."

He says you'll also need a heater that is safe to use indoors.

Other popular items on the list include ice melt, shovels and sand tubes, which can be useful if you find yourself stuck on the road.

"You think it's safe and you can't see the ice," said Warren. "So, you know, you become over-confident."