Bedlam Ice Bowl 2?

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The 108th meeting of Bedlam will be a very chilly affair. Call it the "Cold Bowl" if you will.

The 4warn storm team is saying wind chills below 0 before kickoff. It'll bring back memories of the 1985 Ice Bowl.

One of the more challenging Bedlam games of all time. In fact, only 44,000 people were at the game.

The smallest crowd at a Bedlam game between 1971 and 2006.

However, this year the Cowboys and Sooners both say they wont be affected by the weather.

Both teams contest that each will have to deal with the adverse conditions so now advantage can be given.

However, the Sooners say one thing could be much worse than the cold temps. Brian Brinkley shows us what that is.

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