Doctors, businesses prepare for winter-related injuries across metro area

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There weren't many people downtown Friday as most chose the indoors over the bitter cold.

Doctors say that's why they haven't seen many winter-related injuries so far, but it's only a matter of time.

Dr. Robert Williams said, “Most of the time when people are slipping and falling, reflexively, they put their arms out or arms behind them, depending on which way they’re falling. And so, we see a lot of forearm fractures and elbow injuries from falls like that.”

Mark Bowman, with Jackson Auto Parts and Machine Shop,  has been through many winters in Oklahoma and knows how dangerous it can be if customers slip and fall.

Bowman said, “That’s, of course, part of what I’m trying to prevent here, is to make sure that my parking lot is as clear as I can get it.”

Experts say you should sprinkle salt and kitty litter on sidewalks during the winter, especially on stairs.

Car accidents are also a big risk for children and adults.

Dr. Williams says most accidents happen because people try to get out and brave the weather when they really shouldn't attempt it.

His biggest safety tip is to simply stay home.

Bowman said, “From looking at the forecast, we’re not going to get some warm weather for quite some time.”

Experts also stress that just because the snow is melting, the roads and sidewalks can still be hazardous.

Most falls occur after snow melts and freezes over again.

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