Troops rally to make up for WWII veteran bumped from flight

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OAHU, Hawaii –  A 90-year-old World War II veteran, who was headed to Honolulu for a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Ceremony, was bumped from his flight to Hawaii.

Ewalt Shatz was on his way to Oahu when he was told his United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu was overweight.

Shatz and another passenger were pulled from the flight.

United said the weather required the airplane to carry additional fuel and as a result, the number of passengers had to be reduced.

Fortunately, the veteran was booked on an American flight eight hours later with a layover in Maui.

Representatives from Hawaiian Airlines were waiting to escort him to his next flight, which landed in Honolulu just before 12 a.m.

After hearing about Shatz’s ordeal on Facebook, service members organized a last-minute welcoming party to greet this war hero when he arrived at the airport.

Ewalt Shatz said, “Everybody wanted a picture with me and they made out like I was a hero, but I’m not really. It was embarrassing in a way but I liked it.”

A total of 71 people, most of them troops, got out of bed and put on their uniforms to greet the veteran.

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