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Wisconsin crews using strange mixture to clear roads of snow, ice

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Wis. – While crews in Oklahoma are trying to find a solution to keeping the roads clear of the winter weather, officials in Wisconsin are using a unique blend to clean the streets.

Officials say they are mixing beet juice with magnesium chloride and salt.

They say the mixture works to keep the roads free of ice and snow to about -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Traditional rock salt is good to about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Department officials say normal salt typically bounces off the roadway and ends up in ditches.

The mixture tends to stick to the roadway better.

Also, drivers are noticing the difference.

Authorities say beet juice costs more but they say it is worth it.

They also say it doesn’t leave any stains on the road and there are no environmental concerns.