UPDATE: Large earthquake hits near Jones; Earthquakes becoming more prevalent in Oklahoma

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NW of JONES - Several Oklahomans are calling NewsChannel4 asking what caused their homes to rattle on Bedlam Saturday.

An earthquake with magnitude 4.5 occurred about five miles NW of Jones, according to USGS.

Oklahoma Geological Survey rates the quake at 4.8.

KFOR has reports of people feeling the quake from Ardmore all the way to Stillwater.

The USGS map show the quake is centered just east of Arcadia Lake near 150th and Westminster.

The quake was about five miles deep.

The quake hit around 12:10 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

So far only a couple of Oklahomans have reported minor damage.

Check out this picture sent in from Lsingrey of a crack in their apartment.


Another image was submitted of damage caused by the quake. Teresa submitted this of her ceiling.


If you have any damage to your home, contact NewsChannel4 or send us a pic.