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Two Deer Creek players kicked off the team before last game of high School Career

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DEER CREEK - The Friday night lights at Deer Creek have been turned off with the end of another football season.

Parents however say they are disappointed with the way the season ended for their teens and now have concerns recruitment opportunities were derailed by coaches.

Alec James and Marcus Coleman, two Deer Creek players with impressive stats were kicked off of the football team the week of their final game.

The coach says that the boys were kicked off because they were a distraction to other players who were preparing for the game.

The Parents are asking why were they not notified of the disciplinary action taken.

They say that if they had been included in a conversation about the players, the decision made by the coach may have been agreeable.

Parents say they have invested so much in the district and in trying to maintain communication with the administration, they have been neglected.

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