Chocolate Lab survives being trapped in frozen pond for nearly two hours in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A big chocolate brown Lab is recovering after being trapped under frozen ice in a pond for nearly two hours overnight in Southwest Oklahoma City.

Apart from a swollen mouth and a big blue healing collar, Reagan seems to be in high spirits.

Reagan even had enough energy for a doggie treat.

Cecilia Savage said it was a chaotic scene early Monday morning, when her 80 pound dog fell through the ice into the frozen pond.

“It was freezing cold, I was just afraid she couldn’t get out of the ice for one thing,” Savage said. “I knew hypothermia would set in if we couldn’t get her out quickly.”

She was found 20 yards off the shore, trying to swim her hardest to safety in the frozen water.

“Oh, it was very distressing,” Savage said. “She’s our baby and we’ve grown very attached to her.”

Reagan was in the water for nearly two hours, struggling, trying to grip onto the ice with her teeth.

Amazingly Reagan survived, thanks to the help of multiple agencies.

“It was just an awesome recovery effort,” Savage said.

Between the fire department and the police department, crews rescued Regan using a zodiac boat.

For Savage, she said it’s a miracle.

“The policeman said that he didn’t know if any other dog could’ve survived it because that’s just so long to be in that water,” Savage said.

The Animal Emergency Center staff members said they are pleased with Reagan’s progress.

Doctors said when the lab got to the vet, her temperature was 95 degrees.

Reagan is back up to normal, 101.5 degrees, and she should be going home to her family soon.

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