Footprints in snow lead deputies to Oklahoma City Christmas capers, granola Grinches

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Footprints in the snow have led deputies to arrest two accused Christmas capers.

Officials said they were called to the 7000 block of N. Harrah Rd. to check reported “suspicious men” ringing door bells in the area. Snow footprints Rocky Roark

A deputy said he found 23-year-old Coleton Zanola walking in the area Friday and after talking to him, the deputy took him into custody.

The deputy said Zanola told him he and his friend were trying to get into garages to keep warm and get out of the snow.

Officials said the deputy saw a man peak around the building and then took off running.

Deputies caught up with 23-year-old Rocky Roark by following his tracks in the snow. Snow footprints Coleton Zanola

Authorities said the footprints led deputies to a garage where a truck was burglarized and after talking to the homeowner, they discovered the home was burglarized as well.

The homeowner said food was taken, specifically granola bars.

Nearby, the deputy said he saw a bike in the snow and followed more footprints to a house where the owner said the bike was stolen.

Zanola and Roark are both facing burglary charges.

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