OKC school teacher accused of sexual misconduct by multiple students

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Oklahoma City police investigate alleged sex crimes in the classroom.

Multiple students have now accused an Oklahoma City public school teacher of sexual misconduct.

The allegations involve an unnamed teacher at Capitol Hill high school.

Police are investigating the case, but the teacher has not been arrested.

While we don't know the teachers name, we do know the allegations involve at least two different crimes and multiple students.

"Right now we know of 3 victims, but the investigation continues," said Oklahoma City police Captain Dexter Nelson.

The investigation began last week when police were called to the school to look into allegations a teacher had distributed lewd pictures via cell phone.

"There were 2 victims that apparently received the messages of obscene materials.  While officers were taking that report, they learned of an apparent rape," said Nelson.

In fact, a different student claimed to have been raped several miles away from the school at Robinson and SW 15th, by the same teacher

"It's sad that this is happening.  I hate to hear it because Capitol Hill has always been a good school," said neighbor Jamey Beaty.

Jamey lives near Capitol Hill.

She also works as a teacher for another district and is disgusted by the alleged crimes.

"There's a lot of us that are good and care about kids, but there are some rotten ones amongst us too," said Beaty.

Police say the alleged rape took place at least a month ago, but so far the teacher has not been arrested.

"We don't want to rush to judgment in a case like this.  It involves students and allegations that occurred some time ago," said Nelson.

The teacher has not been arrested, but the district did suspend the teacher while the case is investigated.

The interim superintendent Dave Lopez agrees the allegations undermine the public's trust writing in a statement, "The teacher was removed from the classroom last week and the district continues to cooperate with the investigation.  These allegations are serious and undermine the safe and professional learning environment our students deserve and our community expects."

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