Best ways to protect your car from rust, paint damage caused by road salt

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OKLAHOMA CITY - When the snow falls, the city crews get busy putting down road salt to prevent cars from slipping and sliding.

Experts say the salt that is used on roads helps create a lower freezing point on streets, which means that less ice can actually form.

While the salt is helpful, it can also damage your car.

Paul Dean, from Paul's Conoco, located at May and Hefner Rd., said it can be a problem for many drivers.

Dean said, "It definitely corrodes parts under the vehicle.  The wheels and parts underneath the vehicle, all that.  Rust pretty much starts immediately.  It probably already started today."

Paul said that rust can also eat away at your car's paint.

He said, "The best thing to do is go to a car wash.  Almost all of them have the undercarriage wash. Wash the underneath of your car, the outside of your car.  It will really help take care of it."

Salt is activated by heat, so the corrosive effects speed up when the temperatures start to rise.

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